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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

And That Brings Our Grand Total to 4!!!!

Hello all! Getting ready for the holidays is a busy, busy time. (Especially for those of us that make gifts at home) I have been spinning along and have recently gotten into weaving... Some on a triangle loom and some on a little cheapo pot holder loom. The honey and I built a 5 ft Triangle loom Sunday, was that alot of nails LOL. Who woulda thought that I would have soooo much fun weaving? I sure didn't. I have started listing some of my handspun yarns to sell on my facebook page, but that is moving rather slow.  Guess I just need to find my groove :) So that brings my total of Fiber Arts to 4....Knitting, Crocheting, Spinning and Weaving. My fiber art circle is growing :) Now I'm off to do more weaving (yaaaay) and I'll post pics of the finished products are they are done. Have a Fibery Awesome Day!!!