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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fiber Fairy Update

A while back, I asked the Fairies of Fiber Awesomeness to drop a spinning wheel on my doorstep, and about 2 weeks ago, they did (so to speak)!
I met an AMAZING lady at the first fiber festival I ever attended and we have kept in touch. She was gifted this wheel some years ago and didn't really have much time to spin on it (she has other wheels and a farm full of fiber babies). So she decided to gift it to me 0.0 I was so excited when she told me, that I cried LOL.
Without further she is

Sophia the First  (hehe)

She is a Country Craftsman and (I think) about 20 years old. She spins thin, but I have ordered a larger whorl and we are getting along great! I AM IN LOVE! I'll post some pics of the yarns I have spun on her already at a later date. Until then, I bid you adieu! 


  1. HI, I have a country craftsman as well. Were you able to obtain that larger whorl you were seeking? How has it worked for you?
    and of course how did you locate a place to order and purchase your whorl. I live in Minnesota and have trouble finding anyone.

    1. Hello. I was able to find a larger whorl for it, but it is not the biggest available. The largest was out of stock, so I got the medium whorl (I don't know the ratio) but I love it. It definitely made spinning larger than thread easier LOL.
      I ordered it from in Maple Plain, MN. Check out the website to see what all she offers and then give her a call to place your order. She was very sweet and helpful.